The return of Jesus

When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. Matthew 2:3

They came from long and far and traveled across barren deserts. They were carrying precious cargo and perhaps they encountered dangers. Perhaps they fought of thieves. However they were not deterred, because they knew they had seen a sign. This was the fulfillment of the prophecy, a child born of a virgin that would free all mankind and establish an eternal kingdom. (Isaiah 7:14)

They arrived in Israel. But still did not know where to find him. Possible with great fear, but with little choice they sought the help of King Herod. When the King heard their story he was troubled. Another king to take his place! Of course he was troubled. But why was all Jerusalem troubled? (Matthew 2:1-12)

Why be troubled because the messiah had come? Why be troubled that he who would free all men had come? Why be troubled because He who would set the captives free (Isaiah 61:1), heal the sick (Isaiah 35:5-6; Isaiah 29:18), bring light to a generation in darkness (Isaiah 9:1-2, Isa. 42:6), and raise the dead had been born? Why be troubled that he who had come to die for our sins had been born (Isaiah 53:5, Isaiah 53:10-12)?

Perhaps that generation was no different from ours. Our generation knows what it wants but refuses to recognize what it needs. It wants money, financial security, a mansion, fast cars, big cars, fancy cars, a pension, early retirement, a vacation home, an ipad, a minipad, an iphone, and an ipod.

What does this generation need? This generation needs someone that will bring peace, love and unity. This generation needs someone that will heal our sickness, bodily and mentally. This generation needs someone that can remove worry, and pain and wipe away every tear. This generation needs someone who will wash away our sins and reunite us with our God.

Who will be troubled by the return of Christ? Everyone who likes the status quo, those who have no problem with war, sickness, poverty and a growing inhumanity, is troubled by the return of the King of kings. Everyone who is sure that man will solve man’s problems and government will lead the way.

Herod felt the same way. He was King and in control. He liked things the way they were. I’m sure he thought he didn’t need any help. All of Jerusalem seemed to agree. Jesus is coming and when he arrives how will He be welcomed this time? Will they once again be troubled?

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