Jesus gets the leftovers

and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them. Luke 2:7

When Jesus came into this world there was no room for Him in the Inn.  He was born where animals are kept. (Luke 2:7) He was given the leftovers. He had come down from heaven on a rescue mission, where the great idea was for Him to die. There was no escape clause. He was sentenced to die brutally and without mercy, for the love that God has for us. Yet he was given no priority. There He lay where unsightly and smelly animals are kept out of the way.

Jesus preached the good news, went from place to place healing, casting out demons, forgiving sin, counseling, and changing lives.  However he was never given a big church to pastor, a book contract or offered a big Pastoral home, Jesus actually referred to himself as homeless.(Matthew 8:20)

He fed thousands on more than one occasion, raised the dead, walked on water and stilled the storm with a word. But the big network deal for a spectacular show never came. It would have been amazing. It surely would have been a hit.

He was the creator and this world did not recognize him. (John 1:10) He was the promised Messiah to God’s chosen people. He made sure to reach out to them first. (John 1:11) But they rejected him and begged for Him to be crucified. (Luke 23:21)

Jesus is knocking on the door of countless lives. He is the solution for the pain and depression. He is the solution for the empty heart and the troubled mind. But so many still do not give Him a second thought.

Many others like me owe Him everything we have. Including all the hope and peace and joy in our lives. He has saved us! But we often leave him the leftovers. The shopping has been done. The calls have been made. Did we check our email? Good, we took care of that. Dinner is made, and everyone has their Christmas gift. Maybe now we can take some time for our Lord and Savior.  At least He is no longer with the smelly animals in the manger.

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