The Joy of Salvation

Cross & Clouds

Cross & Clouds (Photo credit: John H Wright Photo)

Darkness surrounds me and moves about to and fro

It is pain and hurt of loss. It does not go.

It blows a cold air, and fills an empty heart.

It turns, hardens as it pours, it aches ever more.

It squeezes the tears that collect upon a lonely shore

What is this? Oh cruel joke, we hear a voice soar

The distant laughter; songs of merry men in the air

But you alone, without a friend, but despair.

Oh stubborn heart, there is no laughter for me!

It does not relinquish! This sound! Arise we shall see!

Of what they sing I do not know, crucified upon a tree?

Blood of innocence and scars divine; what victory is this?

For me? Why? For me. To set me free!

Oh harden heart what do you say? Shall we?

This pain has been here so long, alone I can’t anymore

Harden no more, oh heart let Him in with open door

Take it Lord, if you please, and do what you may.

The last tear drops as peace sets in, I pray

Forgive me Lord and my Savior be

Flee darkness! Leap for joy oh heart, we are free!

Verses on salvation (A List of verses)

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