A brave act of Love

Chained in the deepest most secured area of a prison, two missionaries were kept, bleeding from their wounds. They had been beaten mercilessly. They had come to the town of Philippi to preach the gospel when they came upon a demon possessed slave girl. They set her free from her demonic captives and their reward was an unlawful beating and imprisonment. (Acts 16:16-40) Would they rot in this jail and never see the light of day again? Apparently it was no concern for these men, Paul and Silas. Their response was to worship God.

Then at midnight the spirit of God must have truly been pleased by their offering for the ground shook, the prison wall trembled, the doors swung open and the chains of these Godly men broke. Surely God had set them free. Now they could run out and escape from this terrible place! We all would have! Matter of fact it was not too long ago that these men had escaped from Iconium. There they discovered a plot to stone them and quickly fled to save themselves. (Acts 14:1-7) Why not flee again?

They did not flee, out of love. This time a man’s life was at stake. They knew that Roman law would require the life of the guard if they would escape.

Just about when the guard was going to kill himself Paul yelled out, “Do not harm yourself, for we are all here.” (Acts 16:28) Imagine the thoughts of this man, first relief, “Thank heaven”, then joy and finally confusion. “Why had they not attempted to escape? Why did they stop me from harming myself? Who are these men that would care for me?” All these thoughts must have been swirling in his head. But his heart was now open to receive their message.

Now he wanted to know about Jesus. The bible relates that He and his entire family were saved because of one brave act of love. (Acts 16:33) Paul and Silas knew how much they were hated in this town; their bleeding backs where proof of that. They also knew that justice was not guaranteed. There was a real chance that by not escaping, they could spend many years in jail or be sentenced to death. But out of love they stayed.

Let us all consider how one act of unselfish love can change someone’s life. How one act of love can change a family and maybe even a neighborhood. We have the power to make the world around us better. We have the power to reach others with the Love of Christ. We can bring real change. Let us show our love!

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3 thoughts on “A brave act of Love

  1. Yea… I loved the message you portrayed in this post…. I wonder what Paul and Silas were thinking during their imprisonment. They were probably filled with the love of God, and thus were able to share that love and joy with the guard. You probably all have at least once have that feeling of pure happiness and joy while your worshiping right? I wonder what magnitude of God’s love and joy they were able to see. I’d like to believe that even while being whipped, and imprisoned the lord kept them sustained and happy. Filled with his holy spirit.

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