Beyond the stars, yet in me

Beyond the stars, yet in me

So great He is beyond the stars and space
yet He dwells in me in this place
He is about His business sees all that is to see
yet watches a small one such as me
He’s planned the History of every nation
But still finds time to determine my station
Abraham, Moses and Elijah knew Him well
No doubt with Him they now dwell
And yet he speaks to me, no prophet am I
He hears my call, my plea, and my cry
Why love me?  Why send your son?
No great deed have I done?
Yet you hold me through the night
Keep me always in your sight
My talents are but a few
Worship you is what I can do
Tell them He is great, Write of your fame
Stories of your great name
For all to know you love them so
The small, the great, the mighty and the low
What else can I do?
Remember forever You are true!
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