Feeling unsatisfied?

Big John was furious as he stormed into Mr. Redington’s office.  He was furious because Mr. Redington had paid Thomas, 600 dollars for one day’s work. Big john shouted “I heard you paid Thomas who has been with the company only 18 months 600 dollars for a day’s work last week. I’ve been with the company 10 years. I come in, sick or not, every day and I’m paid a measly 55 dollars an hour. Now you tell me what’s so special about Mr. Thomas.” Mr. Redington responded calmly, “John When your wife was sick in the hospital how many days where you out?” John was even more furious “How dare you throw that in my face now.  At the time you seemed sincerely sympathetic and told me to take all the time I needed and when I returned I didn’t take a day off for almost 4 years!” Once again Mr. Redington calmly responded, “I am quite aware John and I gave you a promotion. I remember telling you how much I thought of you.” John was not satisfied, “Well what good does that do for me when you can be so unfair!”  Mr. Redington smiled and answered. “John, Thomas worked 10 hours on Saturday, and that’s his day off. His normal pay is 40 dollars an hour. I am required to pay him time and half. That would be 60 dollars an hour for 10 hours. “John was silent. Then John answered, “I apologize.  I’ll be getting back to the floor.” Mr. Redington stopped john with these word “John I am disappointed. I thought you trusted me and would know that I treat each employee with fairness and kindness.”

Jesus once told a parable of a land owner who hired workers at the beginning of the day for a wage and then later in the day hired more workers and paid them the same wage.  The ones hired at first were greatly bothered and complained.  Jesus explained that their reaction was unfair because they had agreed to those wages.  It was the privilege of the land owner to hire more workers if he pleased and he could offer them what he wanted to. It was his land and his money. It appears that the workers hired at first were content with what they had and never thought their wages unfair until they started to compare themselves to others. (Matthew 20:1-16)

Often in life we too are satisfied until we contemplate what others have. We may ask ourselves “Why does he own more land? Why does she make more money? How come he can buy a new car every year?”  We start to think life has been unfair; God has been unfair, because someone has more. Yet we should also consider those that have less. How many times do we compare ourselves to those living in poverty, or even worse those living under persecution in foreign countries. Countless human beings are caught up in human trafficking, prostitution, drug addiction, war stricken countries and other horrific conditions. Life can seem unfair. However most of us still have so much to be grateful for and if it pleases God to give someone else more or less, remember it was His to give from the beginning and trusting in His infinite wisdom we can be sure He has His reasons.

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