2 Competing Agendas for Your Life

The Ridge Fellowship

Bod 4 God poster“So what’s the big deal?” “Aren’t you making too much about health and this whole Bod 4 God thing?”  This is the push back I get from time to time and you will too as you commit to a Bod 4 God lifestyle.

If you believe diet & exercise are not that big of a deal consider:

  •  The leading killers of Americans are Heart disease, Cancer and Strokes – all of which are affected by diet and exercise[i]
  • 70% of American’s are overweight the including 36% of Americans that are obese.[ii]
  • Sugar affects your brain like heroin .  “Researchers say that sugar and the taste of sweet is said to stimulate the brain by activating beta endorphin receptor sites, the same chemicals activated in the brain by the ingestion of heroin and morphine.[iii]
  • Over 8 million American have eating disorders which is actually higher as many…

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