4 lepers save the day

Starving and alone the four men suffering from leprosy stood, holding their empty bellies. These men were unwanted, rejected and of little worth to society due to their horrendous disease.  They were homeless and helpless.  To make matters worse they were literally in the middle of a war between Syria and Israel. (2 kings 7) Going to Samaria (city in Israel) meant certain death, since the siege by the Syrians had made food scarce. They were certainly not welcomed in the Syrian camp and if caught, they would most likely be killed. How many in the same situation would have thrown up their arms and just given up? However these men decided to take a chance.    They placed themselves at the mercy of the enemy. Their hearts must have been pounding, but the ache in their stomach was overwhelming.

They walked right into the enemy camp. However there was no one to surrender to. The Syrian camp had turned into a ghost town. Not one soldier could be found.  But there was plenty of treasure, weapons, and most important food left behind!

Moments before the four men walked into camp, God had caused the Syrians to hear the roar of a huge Calvary. Believing that the King of Israel had hired Hittite or Egyptian soldiers they decided to flee in haste leaving everything behind. God had cared for these men, when no one had given them a second thought.

What a feast it must have been. Literally an army worth of food for just four men to eat!  They entered the first tent, ate, gathered a wealth of items and then proceeded to the next tent, where they did similarly.

In this incredible moment of ecstasy, these men who had just been blessed by God with what could be a personal fortune to last generations, and had been rejected by society, decided to share. Even more than this they thought it a responsibility. They said to each other “We are not doing right. This day is a day of good news.” (2 Kings 7:9) They immediately went to Samaria told them of this great blessing that all could share in their blessing.

What a multitude of lessons!

  1. When there seems to be no answer to the problem God can still make a way.
  2. We can be rejected by society, our families, our friends, but God will still care for us and use us as a mighty instrument in His hand!
  3.  Those that reject us may someday have to thank us.
  4. The blessings of God are meant to be shared, so that they might be a blessing for all!
  5. Today, not tomorrow is the day of “Good News”. A truly spiritual message for all those that have been redeemed by the lamb, Jesus Christ. Today we must share this “Good News!”
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