Praise Him!

Praise Him!
Yearning for the morning light
Thought alone was the night
But He was there by my side
My heart and mind did guide
Though thoughts did fight gloom
My dreams, but thoughts of doom
Toss and turn
My heat did burn
But now the morning light
Now I see with new sight
God was with me through the night
He joined me in the fight
My mind almost did break
Tears until I did wake
But hope still reins
Knowing God Sustains
Covers me through the rain
Of doubt fear and Pain
Raises me so that I might shine
Before His presence divine
Fills me with joy and Peace
His work a masterpiece
Loves me with no end
More than the closest friend
With Him I shall not fall
With Him I have all
Praise Him day and night
Praise Him with all my might!

© Samuel Melendez. All rights reserved



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