Abandonment and Rejection…

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

This is for teens,
and others feeling alone.
For many have been wounded,
with a lack of love shown.
Abandonment and rejection…
even if only perceived,
Cause brokenness in lives,
where lack of love is believed.
Busy schedules…
and tempers so short.
Cause hurt feeling…
and brokenness to start.
For parents don’t realize,
the importance of their affection.
As many ignore their children,
causing feeling of rejection.
And many people hunger,
for affection and love.
then rush into relationships,
which are definitely not from above.
And then what happens,
when “love” is really lust?
The relationship falls apart,
for true love is a must.
And each time we love,
we give a part of our heart.
Then when it gets broken,
the healing has to restart.
So though you feel rejected,
abandoned and alone…
please wait for that special one,
when “true love” is really known.
For God has a…

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