Salvation Paid

Salvation Paid

His hour to conquer
Pray the Abba father
He knew too well the pain
A torture none could sustain
Then they came with shield and sword
Took my savior, shepherd and Lord
They didn’t see, If only they could
Where the  creator of all stood
He who would save the world
From the priest insults hurled
Hit and spat upon his face
But He held his peace for grace
Then Rome His flesh did whip
Over and over, His skin did rip
Torn and bloody no mercy for Him
They looked on the spectacle so grim
“Take this cross up to Calvary!”
Weak defeated thought His enemy
Nailed my Lord to the cross
His own, thought all was lost
“It is finished!” was the cry
Miraculous darkness covered the sky
The veil was torn
To the tomb we mourn
Oh what night of tears
Disciples left in fear
But then came oh glorious day
Our first Easter Sunday
Still in tears to the tomb
Upon their faces gloom
But it was not to be defeat
Empty tomb, He’s done the deed
Conquered death for all eternity
Conquered sin for all Humanity
Wicked Devil defeated
Power over us unseated
King of Kings is my Lord
Praise Him all in full accord
© Samuel Melendez. All rights reserved
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