I’m Changing

His Daughter Writes


I’m changing
Can you see?
The beauty and strength surrounding me?
I’m changing
Can’t you tell?
From the substance overflowing from my mouth like a well.
I have endured, struggled, screamed and cried
Time after time after time after time
But I have noticed after each breaking point
I was reconfigured…not dismembered
For the cost of the anointing
Equals the appointing
And the battle wounds shimmer
After a tumultuous winter
…..Yes I’m God’s child
And proud to say
I’m changing as we speak
In a new and true way
I love The Lord my God
with all my heart
Yes I have changed
A modern work of art
Yes I have changed
Can’t you see my smile
I have a new coat of color
A new scent, a new style
I have a bright light beaming
So devil you can hate
Determination in my being
Not letting go of my…

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