Esau’s bad trade

Esau was sweaty and out of breath, totally exhausted after a hard day’s work of hunting. He wanted two things, to eat and to rest. It is pretty much how most of us feel after a long hard day. We get home and want to just collapse on the living room sofa and perhaps if someone could just bring us our favorite meal, everything would be perfect. Jacob was more than ready to please. The wise younger brother had prepared a splendid meal that Esau could not resist and I am sure many of us would not resist either. However Jacob was not as nice as we would hope, nor was he so generous. Jacob was a man with a plan. (Genesis 25:29-34)

Jacob understood that blessings were worth more than rest or food. He understood how to make a good trade. Jesus also talked about trades. He said “what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36) Much of what we can obtain in this world comes with a price. It will cost us money, or our time. Jesus made it clear that as we embark on our adventures of conquest, whether they are to obtain wealth, success, recognition, a higher position, or even someone’s favor, we must be sure of what the price is, because we don’t want to lose our souls. We never want to do anything that compromises our principals, our morality and most importantly our relationship with God!

Certainly this means saying no when asked to do something that we know is immoral, but it also means saying no when our time and energy is consumed, leaving little time for God. Our salvation is a great treasure that cannot so easily be surrendered. Our walk with God must be cultivated and developed to its fullest maturity and this takes time.

Esau ignored his great treasure and surrendered it easily. Jacob held that delicious plate of food, whose aroma must have truly been overwhelming, and simply asked for Esau’s birthright. Surely this meant great blessings, an inheritance and rights that should rightly belong to the eldest Esau. Esau agreed and filled his stomach and rested. Jacob would become the father of all Israelites, the chosen people, and from his lineage would descend the Messiah.

Let us not sell our great blessing for so little, all that this world has to offer pales in comparison to all eternity. Let us guard our salvation as it is our greatest treasure.

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