My treasure

My treasure
It is a treasure some cannot see
It is eternal, wait patiently
I did not buy it with wealth
Didn’t steal it with stealth
Nor was the splendid hope by accident
But planned from old by the ancient
See now it is the greatest gift
My soul without end to uplift
For it was He who died
Beaten, whipped and crucified
By faith I accept the Lord
Forgiven to God restored
With Him forever I will be
It is my treasure, do you now see?
© Samuel Melendez. All rights reserved
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3 thoughts on “My treasure

  1. Thank you Samuel for following us at and your excellent comments. We appreciate the most precious gift to us from God and give thanks and all the Glory to God. This priceless treasure freely given to us and paid for by Christ for our freedom has no comparison as this deeply connects all believers with God in Christ by the Holy Spirit. We are very grateful for such a privilege and a blessing. God abundantly bless you.

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