Standing firm

He stood in awe of the master as he wondered what was in store for them next.  He had witnessed the dead raised, the sick healed and the thousands fed.  He had walked on water himself.  He knew this was the son of God; He was the first to proclaim it.  He was the stone also known as Peter. He proclaimed with much pride how he would never betray the great teacher Jesus Christ. (Matthew 26:35)

But peter was not prepared for the terror that suddenly came upon him and all the disciples. Jesus had been arrested and all of a sudden there were no more miracles. No more stopping the storms or walking on water.  Jesus did not escape, he stood their powerless as he was taken into custody and beaten. (John 19:1) If this could be done to the Messiah then what would happen to the rest of them?

“You are not also one of this Man’s disciples, are you?”

Peter said, “I am not.” (John 18:17)

Therefore they said to him, “You are not also one of His disciples, are you?”

He denied it and said, “I am not!”

One of the servants of the high priest, a relative of him whose ear Peter cut off, said, “Did I not see you in the garden with Him?” 27 Peter then denied again. (John 18:25-27)

Three times He denied Jesus. 1 Corinthians 10:12 says “Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall.”  We have to be grateful for those times in our life when everything seems to be going right and we feel strong.  We are filled with Joy and believe that nothing can bring us down; nothing can tear us away from God or cause us to doubt.  We can become over confident as Peter was and proclaim “I will never betray you Jesus”, or we simply think it impossible. We must do as the good athlete does, be in constant training, ready for the challenge. Our training is a spiritual one filled with prayer, fasting and the study of scripture. Then when the day comes that we are tested we can overcome and not fail our Lord and Savior.

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3 thoughts on “Standing firm

  1. Yet even with prayer, fasting and study of scripture we can and will still fail in living out the Christian life. Roughly three years of study and prayer with Christ himself was not enough to keep Peter from stumbling. While those disciplines are certainly important and vital to our growth as Christians, we should ever be aware that it is the Holy Spirit that enables any and every good work of ours. As soon as we start to take our eyes of Jesus and what he is doing, we will surely fail, even if we are disciplined in reading the Bible, prayer, fasting, and every other good thing we are called to do.

    • Amen it is an ongoing struggle that we are involved in for the rest of our lives. It is why when Jesus taught his disciples to pray that He taught them to to say “forgive us our trespasses” but still our best defense is to persist in constant prayer and reading of the word. It is also of great benefit to remain active in the service of God. Idling can also lead to trouble that much quicker. But you are right failing is forever a possibility. Thant God for His mercy.

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