Screaming (Prisoner Of War)

His Daughter Writes

Prisoner in prison cell

My spirit is screaming at the top of her range
She’s tired and angry from being bound by chains
My spirit is fighting to stay with God
On a path to freedom
Fighting for righteousness
During a really bad season
My spirit is beautiful and belongs to God
And anger from oppression
Keeps me at odds
With the enemy of which I cannot see
Who is constantly taunting and tormenting me
Where I have tried and tried to find some help
Where I’ve tried to keep control of myself
Where I’ve called and prayed to God to release me
Where His blood is my Witness to constant feelings of impurity
The attacks have failed to stop and to cease
But I have noticed a change of character in me
I declare and I decree
See I have grown closer to The Most High inside of me

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