What is the measure of His love?

We do not love everybody the same. We love in different ways. We love our friends, but we love some more than others. Perhaps some friends have a better connection with us, while others have been our friends longer. We love our family members but there is the Uncle we hardly knew and then there is the cousin who has been our best friend. We do not love them the same or in the same quantity.

So how does Jesus love us? Let us put Jesus to the test.

When someone loves us we would expect them to hear us and speak to us. Jesus is the friend that is never too busy and never gets bored. He is patient and always hears us when we pray. He speaks to us in three ways, His word (the bible) , through His messenger (preacher, teacher, counselor etc.) (2 Timothy 3:16–17) and directly to us (our conscience, dreams, visions, experiences, and even audible). He always speaks to our needs and with the power to change all circumstances and see us through all difficulties.

When someone loves us we expect them to want to be with us faithfully. Jesus said in his word that he would be with us until the end. His presence though spiritual is real. Sometimes we are too busy and our lives too full to know that He is there. But He patiently waits until we are ready. He also said that he has gone to prepare a place so that we can be with Him forever. When someone wants to be with you forever that’s love(Matthew 28:20, John 14:1-3) !

When someone loves you they care about your needs and wants. They don’t necessarily give you everything you want, especially if like a loving parent they know what’s best for you. But they do listen, please you when it is good for you and care for all your needs. Jesus said ask and ye shall receive (Matthew 7:7-8). He also said that God would provide for all that we need if we could just seek Him first (Matthew 6:31-34).

Before someone can have a great and genuine love for you they must truly know you. How well does He know you when he is the one who formed you(John 1)?  How well does He know you when he has seen all that you do, say and think? How well does He know you when he has always been there from the beginning (John 1)? He knows you better than you know yourself.

If all this does not prove the love of Jesus, He did pass the greatest test of all. For the greatest love is revealed when someone gives his life.(John 15:13) . Jesus proved His love without a doubt by his horrific death. Taking a bullet would have been enough, but he went through so much more.  The bible reveals that he was beaten, whipped, forced to carry a cross, and nailed to the cross (Matthew 27). There he hung barely able to breathe.  He did it to save us. He did not have to. He volunteered. We cannot forget that He made legions of demons flee (Mark 5:9-13), conquered death (Matthew 28) and commanded the storm (Mark 4:35-41). He could have easily protected Himself but chose not to.

His death paid the price for our sins, so that we may be forgiven, if we only believe. (John 3:16-17) Sin condemned us to eternal damnation, but since we are forgiven our eternal home is in paradise with the one who loved us since the day He created us. Jesus loves us with the fullest and greatest love we will ever know.


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