His Daughter Writes

Avoiding-the-Silence1 Some people pray for it right before they lay their heads

Some only receive it once their pronounced dead

It’s where others can find peace in a terrible storm,

Yet for some, it’s day to day just apart of the norm

As for me, it’s a time of uncertainty

It’s a time where alone, I am left to be

With thoughts of problems that seem to stay the same,

I sit and think, “When will things change?”

For this year has been a long one for me,

And at times the unbeaten path isn’t always easy to see

I know silence can do the mind just a bit of good,

But too much silence can leave one misunderstood.

Distraction becomes something I crave

Silence becomes something I evade

However, be careful and proceed with caution

because distraction can be a costly option

For if silence is ignored with constant distraction,

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