Luke’s Timeline

A Timeline based on Luke

Since Luke proposed to write his book in order I used the table below as an activity with my New Testament class.  I gave them the last column only, and in separate pieces.  I also handed them a blank table and a glue stick and I asked them to place each event in order and to provide the verses to confirm the accuracy.  They did the activity in small groups of three. We then discussed as a class our findings. It was a great way to review and cover a great deal of Luke, although not every event in Luke was included.

Chapter Event Description
1 1:11 An angel appears to Zechariah.
2 1:28 An angel appears to Mary.
3 2:1 Caesar Augustus issues a decree that all the world should be taxed.
4 2:16 Shepherds find Jesus in a manger.
5 2:28-30 Simeon sees Jesus.
6 2:43 Jesus is left behind in Jerusalem hearing and asking questions among the Doctors.
7 3:2 John begins preaching baptism of repentance.
8 4 Jesus is tempted by the devil.
9 5:10 Jesus tells Simon Peter he will catch men.
10 5:18-20 Pharisees believe Jesus is a blasphemer for forgiving a man with palsy of his sins.
11 6:1-2 Pharisees accuse Jesus and his Disciples of not observing the Sabbath because they plucked ears of corn.
12 6:21 Jesus  preaches the beatitudes and then the woes.
13 7:1 A centurion has great faith.
14 7:13 Jesus tells a widow, who has lost her son, not to weep.
15 8:24 Jesus calms the wind.
16 8:28-30 A legion of demons begs Jesus not to torment them.
17 9:17 Jesus feeds 5000 men, women and children.
18 9:30 The transfiguration takes place.
19 10 Jesus sends out 72 disciples.
20 10:30 Parable of the good Samaritan.
21 15 Jesus tells the parables of the lost sheep, lost coin, and prodigal son.
22 19 The triumphal entry and cleansing of the temple takes place.
23 21 Jesus speaks of the destruction of the Temple and signs of the end Times. 
24 22:7-38 The Last Supper takes place 
25 22:39-46 Jesus Prays on the Mount of Olives. 
26 22:47-52 Peter denies  Jesus.
27 23:13 Pilate finds Jesus innocent.
28 23:26-46 Jesus is crucified.
29 24:1-12 Jesus Has Risen. 
30 24:50 The Ascension of Jesus. 

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