Falling into the water

Falling into the water

Is it the master upon the sea?
Oh how great with him to be
No a ghost it be this night
Or perhaps our poor sight.
“It is I. Do not be afraid.”
The 12 he did not persuade.
If Peter could dare,
They wondered how he’d fare.
One of us do it too?
“Lord let me come to you.”
“Come” is all He would say.
Now trust in Jesus for the way!
Bravely he stepped upon the sea.
Look to Jesus faithfully.
Oh does mortal man walk with God?
Do not think this odd.
For faith does move mountains.
and chases legions of demons
Ah but for the wind.
Now the devil did grin.
For upon the sea rose fear.
yet the savior was so near.
Into the water fell he.
“Lord save me” was his plea.
Jesus saves the man who cries.
The fallen, He makes them rise!
Now our faith we must keep.
Less we with fear, fall in the deep!

© Samuel Melendez. All rights reserved

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My treasure

My treasure
It is a treasure some cannot see
It is eternal, wait patiently
I did not buy it with wealth
Didn’t steal it with stealth
Nor was the splendid hope by accident
But planned from old by the ancient
See now it is the greatest gift
My soul without end to uplift
For it was He who died
Beaten, whipped and crucified
By faith I accept the Lord
Forgiven to God restored
With Him forever I will be
It is my treasure, do you now see?
© Samuel Melendez. All rights reserved
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Salvation Paid

Salvation Paid

His hour to conquer
Pray the Abba father
He knew too well the pain
A torture none could sustain
Then they came with shield and sword
Took my savior, shepherd and Lord
They didn’t see, If only they could
Where the  creator of all stood
He who would save the world
From the priest insults hurled
Hit and spat upon his face
But He held his peace for grace
Then Rome His flesh did whip
Over and over, His skin did rip
Torn and bloody no mercy for Him
They looked on the spectacle so grim
“Take this cross up to Calvary!”
Weak defeated thought His enemy
Nailed my Lord to the cross
His own, thought all was lost
“It is finished!” was the cry
Miraculous darkness covered the sky
The veil was torn
To the tomb we mourn
Oh what night of tears
Disciples left in fear
But then came oh glorious day
Our first Easter Sunday
Still in tears to the tomb
Upon their faces gloom
But it was not to be defeat
Empty tomb, He’s done the deed
Conquered death for all eternity
Conquered sin for all Humanity
Wicked Devil defeated
Power over us unseated
King of Kings is my Lord
Praise Him all in full accord
© Samuel Melendez. All rights reserved
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Praise Him!

Praise Him!
Yearning for the morning light
Thought alone was the night
But He was there by my side
My heart and mind did guide
Though thoughts did fight gloom
My dreams, but thoughts of doom
Toss and turn
My heat did burn
But now the morning light
Now I see with new sight
God was with me through the night
He joined me in the fight
My mind almost did break
Tears until I did wake
But hope still reins
Knowing God Sustains
Covers me through the rain
Of doubt fear and Pain
Raises me so that I might shine
Before His presence divine
Fills me with joy and Peace
His work a masterpiece
Loves me with no end
More than the closest friend
With Him I shall not fall
With Him I have all
Praise Him day and night
Praise Him with all my might!

© Samuel Melendez. All rights reserved



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It is a Wonder!

It is a Wonder!
It is a wonder You love me so
It is a wonder You do not go
Each praise and song is Your delight
You watch me day and night
But then when You I do not seek
Thoughts wander and I grow weak
Thoughts that are too dark
Words and even actions that miss the mark
It is a wonder You still do not go
It is a wonder You love me so
To my knees with tears
To mighty God with fear
“Forgive me please, I want to be true.”
For a Love that comes from You
Make me strong in every way
Help me not to stray.
It is a wonder You do not go
It is a wonder You love me so

© Samuel Melendez. All rights reserved

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Gone to heaven

Gone to heaven
I have been to the valley of endless pain
Upon me a cold breeze and rain
The heart hurts to the core
It grumbles and aches until it roars
Tears flow down my face
And hope is gone without a trace
It was then that You found me
Opened my eyes to see
“Come quickly out of here
This is no place for my dear
Rest here now in this place
Where there is peace and grace”
Oh this joy it chases away my tears
Gone is pain, sickness and fears
Could this be where Angels Fly?
Finally in the sweet by and by

© Samuel Melendez. All rights reserved

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Beyond the stars, yet in me

Beyond the stars, yet in me

So great He is beyond the stars and space
yet He dwells in me in this place
He is about His business sees all that is to see
yet watches a small one such as me
He’s planned the History of every nation
But still finds time to determine my station
Abraham, Moses and Elijah knew Him well
No doubt with Him they now dwell
And yet he speaks to me, no prophet am I
He hears my call, my plea, and my cry
Why love me?  Why send your son?
No great deed have I done?
Yet you hold me through the night
Keep me always in your sight
My talents are but a few
Worship you is what I can do
Tell them He is great, Write of your fame
Stories of your great name
For all to know you love them so
The small, the great, the mighty and the low
What else can I do?
Remember forever You are true!
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