A New Baby

Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16

My nephew will be witnessing the birth of his first child soon. It was interesting how for a moment I struggled with how to begin this post. If I said “There will be a new life soon,” I would be wrong. My nephew’s child is already alive, just not born. Plenty of doctors can attest to this fact. If I said “we will have a new member of the family soon,” again I would be wrong. This unborn baby is already a part of our lives. There are plenty of gifts, cards and furniture to prove that.

Some might disagree with me. They would call my grand nephew or niece, a fetus and nothing more. They also claim this treasure is not alive, although the doctors, nurses, my nephew and his wife have already had the pleasure of hearing the heart beat on several occasions. The mother has also testified on more than one occasion of how much the baby actually moves. Those who are not alive usually have trouble moving and showing a heartbeat.

Others insist this is not a baby. This wonderful creation has legs, arms, lungs, toes, a mouth ready to eat and a brain capable of capturing information at greater speeds than most adults. This life that exists within my nephew’s wife is a young human, less than a year old. By definition this makes this wonderful creation a baby.

I am sure that killing a creation as just described would be a lot easier if we could just believe that it is not human, not a baby and not alive. However there is nothing biological to differentiate between this creation and the baby we can hold in our hands. The only difference is the state of where they are physically.

The bible makes it clear that it is God that forms us in our mother’s womb and knows us intimately even before we are born. (Isaiah 49:1, Psalms 139:13-16, Jeremiah 1:4-5) Much of our character, likes, dislikes and physical characteristics have already been programmed by our creator. Our genetic material already has the information that will determine if we will be capable, with proper training and nutrition, of throwing a 90 mile per hour fastball, shooting a three pointer or winning a marathon. Although we may not know the inner workings of this wonderful being, God does.

What is our responsibility? To welcome this child into our lives, providing all the love and care we have. It is tragic that many children will not be received likewise. Some will literally never see the light of day.

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Baby Hope an abandoned gift



Didn’t get everything!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6 

Johnny, as his friends and family called him, was a playful kid who was active all day.  In school he worked hard and did well.  His teacher was impressed with his participation and intelligence.  However they wanted him to pay more attention to his homework.  His homework at times suffered because Johnny loved to play.  Sports, video games, board games, arts and crafts, the kid loved it all. He was also quite talented as both an artist and an athlete.  His parents were delighted with their son. Occasionally dad would say “remember to do your homework Johnny.” In truth dad enjoyed playtime as much as Johnny.

Christmas was nearing and playful Johnny had his eyes on all sorts of games and toys.  He made a rather impressive list and his dad was all too happy to receive it.  It’s as if the presents were more for daddy than for Johnny. Dad set out to get them all.  He checked on line first.  Placed the orders carefully and made sure the estimated date of arrival was before Christmas. There were a few that were better to pick out at the stores and away Daddy went.  It was certainly a fun day at the mall. The whole time daddy was thinking “Johnny is going to be so happy on Christmas and we are going to have so much fun”.

The gifts started to come in and everyday Daddy would unpack them and wrap them.  Under the Christmas tree they would go. The whole time Johnny would make comments hoping to gather information on dad’s success at obtaining everything he wanted.  But dad would not say a word.  It was the game of Christmas.  Johnny really had nothing to worry about; every year dad would get everything on the list.

Johnny had a hard time sleeping Christmas Eve, but was up early Christmas morning. He rushed into his parent’s room and woke them up.  “It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas, come let’s go!” Johnny didn’t even wait for his parents to get up and rushed down the stairs.  He grabbed one gift after the other, and, as he did every year, didn’t take out time to play with any of them until they were all unwrapped.

Johnny looked confused and began to check the presents again. He looked frustrated as if he had misplaced something.  Then Johnny exclaimed, “Dad you didn’t get me the PS3 Martian ray riffle with the instant magnification lenses and natural grip!” Now dad seemed confused, frustrated and angry. He had been hoping all along to play with that himself. Holding his head, making a fist and with a sound of doubt he muttered “how is that possible, I placed the order three weeks ago, I thought it came, what happened?” This was not looking like a Merry Christmas.

Mom had to intervene. “Boys look at all the cool stuff you have to play with. Be thankful for what you have and don’t focus on what you don’t have. ” The boys still looking angry and disappointed with their arms folded and their heads down, began to look around.  Finally Johnny picked up the glow football and hesitantly told his dad “You want to play with this Dad?” Dad answered “well alright” then dad lit up “Hey why don’t we call some of your friends and put together a real game?” “Sounds great dad”, Johnny shouted and they both ran out of the room in search of their coats.

Mom was left behind shaking her head and thinking “why is it that after everything we receive we are still not happy. Like Johnny we make our lists for God and when we don’t get something we are frustrated and focus on what we don’t have. We are easily disappointed when God says no or wait.  We should focus on all God has done and provided.  We should be thankful not angry.”

Paul in the epistle to Philippians encourages us to ask God for what we need and desire, but to always maintain an attitude of gratitude and not become anxious over all these things we request. (Philippians 4:6) God knows what we need and will provide.  Let us be happy for all we have, and as for what we don’t have, let us leave it in God’s capable hands.

Faith during hardship

But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good,…. Genesis 50:20

When you are the favored son and daddy buys you really cool stuff, life can be like living in a dream; especially if daddy makes you a top manager at the family business, and places you in charge of your older brothers. This was the life of Joseph. He even had dreams about how his brothers were going to bow to him. Life was pretty nice. However his older brothers didn’t think it was that great. They sold Joseph into slavery and told their father he had been eaten by wild animals. Now this was a family with problems!

Life can certainly be unfair. Perhaps Joseph’s bothers had reason to be jealous, but he did not deserve slavery. Joseph did not ask to be loved more than his brothers. He didn’t ask for special treatment. When it comes to being in charge, Joseph really was more competent than his brothers and most likely deserved the elevated position. Perhaps what they all needed was some counseling and a family meeting where everyone could air out their concerns. Joseph was actually a good, faithful, intelligent son who deserved the admiration of his older brothers. Instead he found himself on a caravan of slave traders headed to Egypt.

Joseph is sold to a top general and quickly proves he is capable. He is placed in charge of the entire estate. Unfortunately the general’s wife takes a liking to Joseph and when Joseph rejects her, she makes false accusations and Joseph is placed in jail. By now each and everyone one of us would be absolutely furious. We would be screaming “Where is God in all this?” We would be thinking “I am faithful, hardworking and honest. I am talented, intelligent and I do a great job, how can life be so unfair?” But Joseph never complained. He was one of the greatest examples of faith in history. He must have known “that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28).

In jail Joseph once again proves himself and is placed in charge of the other prisoners. He also proves himself a great interpreter of dreams. This ability made possible by the revelation of God.

Once pharaoh heard of Joseph’s ability, he was removed from prison and made to serve pharaoh. Joseph was then elevated and made the second most powerful man in all of Egypt. From that position he was able to save the nation of Egypt and his family during a horrific time of famine and yes his brothers did bow down to him. (Genesis 37, 39-45)

For many years life was certainly unfair for Joseph. At times we may feel like we are walking in Joseph’s shoes. But like Joseph we cannot lose faith. Nor can we grow angry with God or life. We must approach every hardship we go through as if it is a new opportunity to grow and become even better, because that is exactly the reason why we go through them. Remember God is not done; He is doing something great in each of us.