Love or injustice

Tamar was a beautiful submissive and obedient princess, the daughter of Israel’s greatest hero King David. Unfortunately her evil and spoiled half brother, Amnon, lusted after her and set a diabolical plan to trap her. He pretended to be sick and had his father, King David, send his sister to tend to him. When they were alone he raped her. How can this story get any worse? King David did absolutely nothing. (2 Samuel 13:1-15)

Obviously David loved his first born son and did not want to do him any harm. However is true love injustice? David appeared to have confused the two. Love should never be an excuse for injustice or it will surely lead to greater destruction and evil.

Since David stood idly by, the brother of Tamar, Absalom, took the law in to his hands and had Amnon killed. (2 Samuel 13:28-29) Did David stand idle by again? He certainly did. It appeared that David had way too much “love” to do anything.

Absalom, also David’s son, must have realized his father’s powerlessness when it came to acting against his sons. He grew more bold and daring. Some might say he was affected by delusions of grandeur. Absalom began a rebellion in hopes of seizing his father’s thrown.(2 Samuel 15:10-12)

David would win the war and preserve his kingdom but not before he would see the death of a second son, Absalom. David’s inability to exact justice led to war and the lost of many lives.(2 Samuel 19:19)

For Christians love is a major theme in our lives but should never be confused with injustice. Justice though painful at times is an expression of love for the victim and the perpetrator. Perpetrators should learn that their acts are unacceptable. They too must be taught right from wrong and encouraged to do what is right for their own benefit. This is love as surely as a loving parent disciplines their children in the hope that they will be better for it.


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