I know who steers the ship

The wind was howling fiercely that night upon the sea in 1902. All the men even the bravest seemed frightened as we hovelled together below the deck, except for the brave captain. He was made for the seas. They say he was born at sea and had never spent more than a day on land on account that he could not stand it. He was at the helm and was not about to give into the storm. He bravely steered through the night. Meanwhile I was shivering below with the rest of the frightened men.

It was a while before I realized a young boy in the corner sleeping. Was it really possible that someone could sleep through this storm, knowing that at any moment we might meet our end? I would march right over there to ask this young boy, but the ship rocked so furiously it made it impossible to walk at all. I studied the boy from across the room. He seemed so much at peace in the midst of all the howling, rocking and crashing of the waves. Then he smiled. I could not believe my eyes. The boy must be mad! I knew I had to know the secret. I made my way across the cabin, climbing over other men, receiving nasty looks while trying to stay on my feet. Finally I was beside him. “Hey boy, are you aware of the storm? It feels like the ship is going to be torn apart.“ The boy rubbed his eyes and yawned as if he was bored and responded, “Don’t worry Mr., we will be fine, now let me rest, there is still plenty of night.” I couldn’t believe my ears, this was either the bravest or the most naïve boy I had ever known. I gave the lad a good shove and said “Boy don’t you hear the sea; it’s tearing the ship apart!” The boy patiently looked at me and with a peace I could not perceive said, “I know who steers the ship. He has never failed me. He is my captain and my dad. Go rest and in the morning we will all see the sun.”

Life is filled with storms, difficulties, trials, and problems that seem so immense they are like storms threatening to destroy the ship that is our life. But if we can have faith in the captain of our ship, Jesus Christ, we can still rest easy and be at peace knowing that He is guiding us through the storm and is taking us on the course that He knows is best for us. Sometimes we might perceive that another course might have been easier and with fewer difficulties. But we cannot forget that the destination is even more important. God is leading us where we must go and regardless of how hard it may be at times it is what is best for us. We will arrive safely and will be grateful He delivered us to a most desired and blessed place. Joseph (Genesis 37:18-36, Genesis 39:19-21), Moses (Exodus 2), Daniel (Daniel 1, 6), Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego (Daniel 3), David (1 Samuel 19) and countless others suffered though horrific events, persecution and frightful challenges, but He had a great purpose for their lives. He will fulfill his purpose in our lives and we will sail through the storms with our faithful Captain. (Psalm 138:8)

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