A four legged Angel

horseI was lost and walking through a wintry wilderness.  I had been walking about 5 miles.  I was sure to die of frost bite.  I dropped to my knees and prayed to God “send me your angel and take me now”.  I could not take the frigid cold any more. Then suddenly I saw her coming.  It was the most beautiful beast a man ever did lay his eyes on.  It was pure power and speed.  It ran out of the woods and straight at me.  I was sure this four legged Angel from God, came to rescue me.  But the power in her hooves scattered the snow such that I could hardly see the trees behind her. It was a furious running that put a mighty fear in me. I began to lose courage. Then she was upon me. My heart froze and then she stopped. Up went her legs and a mighty whinny could be heard. She stomped her feet right next to my hands but never did hurt me. Now she was still and I could look at this dark muscular beast.  She had the largest most beautiful blue eyes. She was perfectly calm and still, just waiting for me. Indeed she was an Angel. I lifted myself onto her and she took off like the wind. I did not know where she was heading but I pretty much knew I would not have a say in the matter. Soon enough we were there, it was a small medical outpost.  A few men helped me down and pulled me toward the door. I had to take another look at my Angel and I turned to see her.  But alas she was gone! “Where did she go?” I screamed. The men looked back, and like me, were in awe. For this mighty Angel had just vanished.

One occasion where God presented a mighty beast to both save and teach one of his servants a lesson was in the case of Jonah.  Many assume that Jonah just got swallowed up by your ordinary whale that just happened to be waiting for Jonah to be tossed into the ocean, in the midst of a terrible storm. However that is unlikely and not biblical.  Scripture says that God appointed a great fish to swallow Jonah. (Jonah 1:17) God most likely formed this beast with the purpose of holding Jonah someplace safe so that he would not perish, but instead have time to contemplate on his wrong doings.  There is also the case of Abraham sacrificing his son. While under the directions of God Abraham reaches for his knife and is about to kill his son when God stops him and out of nowhere appears a ram trapped in a thicket. (Genesis 22:13) God can care for us under any circumstance, in any situation and can use any method that pleases Him, even if it means presenting a mighty four legged Angel!

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