Feeling a little bored? Warning you might be in danger!

And it came to pass, after the year was expired, at the time when kings go forth to battle, that David sent Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel; and they destroyed the children of Ammon, and besieged Rabbah. But David tarried still at Jerusalem.  And it came to pass in an eveningtide, that David arose from off his bed, and walked upon the roof of the king’s house: and from the roof he saw a woman washing herself; and the woman was very beautiful to look upon.    2 Samuel 11:1,2

When we are bored it is easy for our imagination to start running.  Normally imagination can be a good thing. Imagination is the kind of stuff that leads to great things, like the automobile, the light bulb and the microwave.  Love my Microwave; food done instantly.  But sometimes it leads to thoughts that aren’t so nice. Like desiring your neighbor’s shiny new toys or planning ways of revenge. Now that is scary! Sometimes when we are bored we start doing things we shouldn’t do and looking at things we definitely shouldn’t look at. This was David’s problem.

David was the King and as such he must have had better things to do then just going for a stroll around the roof of his palace in the middle of the night.  The bible explains that David was supposed to be fighting a war. (2 Samuel 11:1) But instead sends his general to do all the work.  There he was feeling a little bored, contemplating his neighbors and he sees her. Bathsheba was beautiful and taking a bath. This is where we hope our hero does the descent thing and turns away.  Perhaps go looking for one of his wives, grabs her and tells her how much he loves her. No he stays watching. Boredom led to danger and it led to sin. He desires Bathsheba and decides he must have her.  Bathsheba gets pregnant while her husband, the soldier, is away fighting for David. David sets him up to die and marries Bathsheba.

Hopefully none of that happens to you. But temptation will make its entrance when we have nothing better to do.  Being busy can actually be a great blessing.  If you’re not, then my best advice is get busy.  Paul warns against  laziness and advises us to work hard. He also warns of the destructive actions of idlers. (2 Thessalonians 3:6-12)  Solomon said “A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.” (Proverbs 10:4) He also said “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. “ (Proverbs 16:3)   Peter encourages us to use our gifts to serve one another. (1 Peter 4:10-11)  So be productive in the Lord!

Now God does direct us to rest. That is why we have the Sabbath. But we are supposed to keep it holy. So the work can stop, but the praise doesn’t. That is when we dedicate even more time to the Lord.  This is time to pray, read his word and recognize what God has done. We then contemplate on all that is good. Paul said it best.  “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”(Philippians 4:8) Not on our neighbor’s possessions!

I will admit that temptations come to all of us, even when we are working hard. But it’s a whole lot easier to fall when we are just waiting for the Devil to get our attention.

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